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trafficWhat is WAVS?

WAVS (Washington Association of Vehicle Subagents) is an association of private businesses who are licensed contracted by Department of Licensing (DOL) to provide all your vehicle and vessel licensing needs in the state of Washington. The members of this association are fully committed to building quality professional relationships with each other in support of their common goal, which is to continue serving Washington State customers as successful business owners.

The focus of WAVS is to promote subagents providing licensing services; to develop and maintain good working relations with our partners at the Department of Licensing, the County Auditors and the Licensing Supervisors; to educate the legislators about our vital functions serving the citizens of Washington and the benefits to the state having private businesses provide these services; to negotiate favorable contracts with DOL and lobby for fee increases for our subagents with lawmakers for our subagents; and to insist on the highest principles of business practice as outlined in our Code of Ethics.

Why should I become a member of WAVS?platewall

We would love to welcome you to our association, where you will find support and encouragement from other people who understand exactly what you deal with every day in the licensing industry. Through our network of agencies and member services on our website, you can stay updated with relevant information about DOL, the DRIVES system, Auditors and audits, Legislative news about new laws that can affect your business, and more.

You will also have access to an open forum message board where you can ask a question about anything licensing related, access “how to” assistance in dealing with changes that come around throughout the course of your business, and have multiple resources available through our pro-active peer network. In this association, you will find a total of hundreds of years of combined experience in maintaining professional customer service, handling various licensing issues, and best practices on communicating with all the different government agencies.



Annual dues are calculated at a rate of  one vehicle title transfer with renewal per workstation in your office, per month (fee for title transfer with renewal is currently $23.)

We encourage an annual donation of $385 to the WAVS Legal Defense Fund, which allows WAVS to retain an independent attorney to provide us with legal advice and service and/or represent our association in any legal action deemed necessary.  This donation is optional and does not affect your membership in WAVS

There is also a voluntary political contribution to the WAVS Legislative Fund made each year to pay for campaign contributions, PAC (Political Action Committee) costs, and our contracted lobbyists, who work tirelessly during legislative session to ensure that our voice is heard during the lawmaking process and assist us in fighting for the our rights in this our industry.  Donations to the PAC are not required for membership.

Sign me up! How do I Join?

Joining WAVS is simple.

If you would like more information on membership or have more questions about the association, please feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also contact our President, Elisha Wilhlem or Acting Executive Director, Reanne Robertson.

We hope that you’ll come out and give it a try. We look forward to to getting to know you.


The Washington Association of Vehicle Subagents (WAVS)