Formed in 1980, WAVS (Washington Association of Vehicle Subagents) is an association of the licensed vehicle subagents of the State of Washington. Along with the 39 County Auditors and the Department of Licensing, WAVS subagents perform the vehicle and vessel licensing functions for the State of Washington. Each subagent is a private owner of his/her office.

WAVS is a properly licensed nonprofit entity with the State of Washington and the Internal Revenue Service. The Board convenes a minimum of two times annually plus emergency meetings when necessary.

WAVS membership is for the calendar year. Membership dues are established by the Board and are subject to change at the Board’s discretion. 

The Legislative Fund is a voluntary contribution used for political purposes. Examples include: all costs associated with our lobbyist, campaign contributions, and PAC (Political Action Committee) costs. Contributions are gladly accepted at any time. 


September 21, 2017

RE:WAVS Legislative Session Recap, Preview, and Membership Survey

Hello Fellow Subagents,

During the 2017 session, WAVS initially sought a fee increase bill that would raise title fees to $18.00 and non-title fees to $9.00. Although we found a House sponsor, it quickly became clear the bill did not have the support to move forward. The Board debated options such as continuing to push a bill we knew wouldn’t pass, asking for a smaller increase, and a new concept of collecting both a title and non-title fee on a transfer with license, as the Auditors do. Although this would not be a perfect solution for all transactions, it would affect an average of 35% of transactions and provide some much-needed relief. Throughout the session, we worked hard to build support for this bill. In the end, it was not unwillingness of individual legislators but the overall view of Democratic House and Republican Senate Leadership that prevented our bill from moving forward.


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